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Bay Area Hood Cleaning

Rebecca Jansen
139 Mitchell Ave, Suite 201
South San Francisco, CA 94080
United States

24 Hours a Day

Bay Area Hood Cleaning has been serving the Bay Area, California for several years. Out team of dedicated hood cleaners are committed to keeping commercial kitchens reliable and running smoothly on a day to day basis.
Running a restaurant in the Bay Area can be very stressful. Competition is high, and the clientele is always looking for the next best bistro dish. Creative cooking has become the norm. Many restaurants is in the race to create the newest and most unique meal to serve their clientele.
Many times, this leads the owner/manager to put off or forget to schedule a regular professional commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning. They tend to rely on an employee to do the hood cleaning. While that employee may be committed to doing the best job possible, they may be limited as to how thorough they can clean the system.
Using a professional company like Bay Area Hood Cleaning is the best way to know the commercial kitchen exhaust system was cleaned appropriately. We use natural chemicals that are friendly to the environment to remove grease build-up not only on the inside of the hood but also up on the roof of the
restaurant where the exhaust system vents out the top. We remove the filters and pressure wash out the grease. Everyone knows that a filter us not efficient when it is clogged.
Our team of professionals will thoroughly inspect the system and make any repair recommendations. Many times, fan hinges will start to corrode and may need to be replaced. The fan blade could be chipped and is not performing well. We have seen major grease accumulation on the rooftop that could be a fire hazard.
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