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AV Drone Photography

800 North Miami Ave, Suite 1406E, Miami, FL 33138
Miami, FL
United States


When looking for experienced drone photographers to provide you with a wide range of aerial photography possibilities, looking to the expertise and affordability of AV Drone Photography will provide you unparalleled ability. We use the latest in drone technology, combined with high-definition cameras in order to provide you with stunning photos from a height that a mere decade ago would have seemed impossible.

Each of our aerial photography drone operators have years of experience in the industry, providing you with the eye of a trained photographer and the capability that advancement in technology provides. Whether you have a real estate venture that needs the best imagery to accompany your listing, are looking for an aerial view of your home or need drone camera video for your wedding, making the choice to reach out to the experts at AV Drone Photography will open a whole world of possibility to you. If you're looking for an eagle’s eye view of your property or special event, you can count on our personal and commercial drone services to provide you with a full range of photography abilities.

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