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Wine Cellar International

Wine Cellar International
12233 SW 55th St #809
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33330
United States

Monday to Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Wine Cellar International has grown in a few short years into one of the largest full-service builders and designers of residential and commercial Wine Storage Displays in Florida. We service all of the Cooper City, Fort Lauderdale/Miami area, as well as the Caribbean. Established by Jake Duquette in 2008.

Your wine deserves to be protected and displayed beautifully. Understanding this, we always install the very best wine cellar cooling units, while also insulating your space using the highest standards for wine cellar construction. We have practical experience in modern wine cellars built with metal wine racks, wood wine cellars and wine tasting rooms built with custom cabinets and racking. We offer refrigeration systems in different categories: split systems, self-contained systems, and self-contained ducted units. We also offer custom high-end ladders.

Wine Cellar International will help you visualize your project and will make your wine cellar dream come to life! If you’re looking for a turnkey solution to your wine cellar, we can give you the options that you need. We’ll be happy to accommodate whatever your needs might be. Contact us today for a free Custom Wine Cellar Design no obligation consultation!! +1 (954) 306-3180.
Jake Duquette

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