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MINN Hood Cleaning

MINN Hood Cleaning
916 Farrington St.
Saint Paul, MN 55117
United States

24 Hours a Day

MINN Hood Cleaning has been serving the Minneapolis, Minnesota metropolitan area for several years. I started working in the hood cleaning business with my father’s company as a teenager. Commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning is the process of removing grease and contaminates that have accumulated in the exhaust system from cooking.
When I was a young child, I never thought I would open my own hood cleaning business. I thought I would go to college, get a degree and go out into the corporate world. I did pursue that direction but quickly realized in my second year in college I would graduate deeply in dept and it would take years for me to pay it off.
I started to reflect on the life I had growing up. Many of my friends were poor and their parents could not afford to take them on vacations or give them some of the necessities young children need. I remember one friend who would wear his siblings’ hand-me-downs with holes in the shoes and clothes.
I realized that even though the hood cleaning business could be challenging, it also had its rewards. Commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning is not a typical nine to five job. We have to work around the commercial kitchens schedule. There are times that my team will start cleaning an exhaust system at eleven at night then have to be at another site at five in the morning.
This can be good for the people working in the hood cleaning business because they can possibly spend more time with their families. They most of the day and evening to get to know their children and attend their sporting events.
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