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Nashville Hood Cleaning Pros

Jack Blacken
227 5th Ave N #6
Nashville, TN 37219
United States

24 Hours a Day

The process of cleaning commercial kitchen exhaust system may look easy, but it is actually very technical. At Nashville Hood Cleaning Pros, we begin by installing plastic sheeting to not only protect the other commercial kitchen equipment but to direct the removed grease and grime into large trash cans.
Once the plastic sheeting has been installed, our professionals will coat the areas that are grease covered with environmentally friendly chemicals. After a short wait period, we use our commercial grade pressure washer with hot water to remove the grease. As mentioned before, it will go into the trash cans. This prevents grease from running all over the floor causing a slippery mess.
Many exhaust systems are vented out of the roof of the restaurant. This is another area that must be degreased and cleaned. We remove the filters and pressure wash them as well. If a filter is not cleaned properly grease worms will accumulate clogging the filter thus reducing its efficiency.
Once the grease and grime has been removed, we will shine the exhaust hood to give it the “like new” look. Believe me, when your clients see the inside of your kitchen and see how clean the hood is, they will confidently come back time and again.
Removing the grease is so important because it could cause a fire with the slightest spark. Sadly, we have had restaurants in the area have a grease fire and find out it is not covered by their insurance as they cannot produce evidence that the hood was cleaned professionally. The financial impact on the owner to rebuild the kitchen can be devastating. When using Nashville Hood Cleaning Pros you can be sure we will make sure your kitchen exhaust system is clean and not a fire hazard.
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