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North Star Defense LLC

North Star Defense LLC
10112 w. Dubois Rd
Edwards, IL 61528
United States

Sunday - Saturday 8am - 8pm

North Star Defense LLC is an idea from Alfredo Cisneros and myself, Josh Roberts. We want to get our communities and anyone else involved in firearm safety and self defense. It is not enough just to have the right to bear arms, one also must have the knowledge and training to go with that right. We are all responsible for every round that we shoot. We love teaching and helping people learn how to better themselves. Whether it is just getting that pattern brought in on a target or how to simply clean a gun, we want to do what we can to help you learn. Most instructors focus on the military/tactical aspect of firearms and firearms training. While we do deal with that, we also specialize in helping every day people feel comfortable using their gun. We will help you learn not only how to shoot, but how to clean and maintain your firearms. We also teach you how to store it, how to carry it, and even how to draw from a holster. We want to be the place you come for ALL of your training needs. You will find that we will take time to figure out what is best for you, not what we think is best for you.
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