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Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorneys

Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorneys
1430 E. Missouri Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85014
United States


There are many reasons why a person may need to file for bankruptcy. Individuals who have experienced a job loss, divorce, or medical emergency may have accrued significant debt and lack the means to pay it down with the other financial obligations that they shoulder. Many times, high-interest credit cards are used during times of economic crisis and the required payments are more than a person or family can manage. A bankruptcy action is a valuable means of obtaining a fresh start for many people who find themselves in these circumstances. The simple act of filing the case in bankruptcy court will put a stop to the harassment of creditor calls. By working with the credit counselors, a person can obtain the skills necessary to create a stable financial foundation from which to move forward. The conclusion of the bankruptcy case can provide a fresh start. The right bankruptcy attorney can assist with every step of the process.
Chris Arianno

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