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Probate Queens
6683 70th St
Middle Village, NY 11379
United States

9 am - 9 pm every day

Losing a family member or loved one is never an easy thing. Once the person has passed away, the probate process kicks in. This is a legal process used to collect and manage all the assets of the person who has deceased. There are debts and taxes to pay plus property to be distributed to those the deceased designated. Navigating the legalities while you are still trying to grieve your own loss can be difficult. This is the main reason people consider hiring a Queens’s probate lawyer. For many people, handling the estate of a deceased family member is their first experience with the probate system. Here are five things to do before meeting with your Queens Probate lawyer.
1. Collect the Death Certificate.
2. Gather any of your loved one’s estate planning documents.
3. Other types of important documents.
4. A list of all the decedent’s property.
5. A detailed list of all the beneficiaries and heirs.
If you have a family member who just passed away, or if you have more questions about the whole probating processes, contact a Queens’s probate lawyer at our office. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and help you walk through the probating processes.
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