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Queens Roofing Contractors

17919 Union Tpke Queens, NY 11366
Queensbury, NY
United States

Monday to Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM

Does your roof have missing shingles or a damaged surface? Our Queens roof repair works by analyzing the damage and determining the most affordable way to mitigate it. Roof materials deteriorate over time with exposure to sun, rain, hail, and the other atmospheric elements. Pollution which is very common in NYC can also increase the rate of decay for the surface.

Most of time, damaged shingles, broken tar, or holes are caused by a lack of roof maintenance. Low-slopped and flat roofs are more susceptible to damage due to a buildup of things like snow and ice. In addition, the water constantly wearing away the surface, the weight of the snow and ice accumulation can overload the roof, causing a hole or crack to develop. In the worst scenario, the roof collapses, causing significant damage and flooding in the house.

Poorly assembled flashing is another issue people commonly experience with their roof. Flashing is meant to provide a water-tight seal that locks the roofing sections together. Improper installation can allow water to seep into the underlying system and damage the components of the roof from the inside. Sometimes, simply having a contractor install a joint or cap can prevent further problems.

If your home requires roof repair or potentially replacement, we recommend requesting an inspection first. This is a cost-effective way that allows experienced roofers to stop by and analyze the entire surface before you make a rash decision and end up spending more than you want to on a new roof. We pride ourselves on offering a reliable service that the residents of this area can count on.
If you need reliable roof repair, contact us for a free estimate.

Are you ready to give your home a new look and feel? Installing a new roof is a great way to ensure the safety of the house and change its appearance at the same time. An old roofing system that’s cracking and faded hurts the aesthetics of your residential property and opens you up to the potential problems of leaks and flooding. With our new roof installation service, we can build an entirely new structure that holds up against the elements and leaves plenty of room for that home remodeling you’ve always wanted to do on the top floor. Depending on the roofing material you choose, your new roof installation could last 20 years or more.

We install all types of new roofs. One of the most popular options in Queens is installing asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingle roofing has a ton of benefits from it’s low pricing to its great durability under bad weather conditions. Asphalt shingles can be cut and molded to fit any shape structure, so it’s perfect if you have a custom home with a unique roof shape. Asphalt shingles with fiberglass mats offer great protection against fire and high wind resistance too. They’re easy materials to install and they come in a variety of colors that complement your home’s appearance.

No matter the type of residential roof we install, Queens Roofing Contractors will ensure that the process is done correctly the first time. From the material selection to the installation of base layers, flashing, bituminous materials, and metal connectors, our experts guarantee perfection. That is one of the things that separates us from the other roofing companies in Queens.
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