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Saffron Investigations, LLC

Saffron Investigations, LLC
1714 N Dixie Hwy,
Hollywood, FL 33020
United States

Timing - Open 24-7

As a retired law enforcement officer, I know first hand the challenges police officers face when responding to a motor vehicle accident. The officer is expected to race to the scene, provide immediate traffic control, render first aid, assess injuries, coordinate with fire rescue and other emergency services units, collect the required documentation from all the participants for the crash report, and of course, assign fault if possible all while under limited time constraints. I can tell you first hand, this can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. I don’t know how many times throughout my patrol duties I was asked to clear from an accident scene that I was investigating to handle an in progress violent crime in progress call. The point is, police officers are professionals that do the best they can under the circumstances they find themselves operating in. Because of the many tasks expected of the police officer, the potential for errors or omissions in the crash report exist. In our current system, the police officers crash report is recognized by insurance company adjusters as being the final word, unless of course you can provide solid contradicting evidence to prove otherwise. How is this achieved, by hiring a certified Saffron Investigations accident investigator to review the police officers crash report for any apparent errors or omissions.
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