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Twelve Twelve Global Investment Limited |

Twelve Twelve Global Investment Limited |
3897 Henry Ford Avenue
Venice, CA 90001
United States

Lumpwood charcoal is charcoal made up of natural hardwoods, burnt in an oxygen-free environment. Charcoal contains around 89 per cent carbon. We are working hard to get the license of an exporter. Then we will be called as a charcoal exporter in Nigeria. We manufacture natural hardwood charcoal made up of birch tree (Ayin) to all parts of Nigeria. Our owned production plant produces light lumpwood charcoal, which is a sustainable product. We believe that we will be an outstanding charcoal exporter in Nigeria. We import packed as well as bulk raw charcoal from a range of overseas production factories which work exclusively for us. We aim to be a succinct lumpwood Charcoal Exporter in years to come.
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